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About Sporting Opportunities
Sporting Opportunities is for anyone who loves sport and wants to travel with it. We have a number of different ways that you can get involved, whether it be coaching sports to kids on a volunteer project abroad, getting qualified as an instructor in a new sport like skiing or snowboarding or taking your game to the next level whereby we place you with a top club overseas so you can work on your own fitness and skills development.

Our trips are ideal for school, college and sports groups, gap year students, students at university, those looking for an exciting and worthwhile summer holiday as well as people needing to take a career break or professional sabbatical abroad.

Sports Coaching Volunteer Projects
Sporting Opportunities runs sports coaching volunteer projects in Africa, Asia and South America, giving sporty people (like you) the chance to coach sports to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our volunteers work together to organise coaching sessions and sports matches in the local community, giving children and youth athletes the chance to play and be coached in the sports they love. You don’t need to be an experienced or qualified coach to join our sports coaching projects. You just need lots of enthusiasm and some basic playing or coaching experience, be it at school, club, university or county level. 
Check out our volunteer sports coaching projects abroad.
Sports Tours
Sporting Opportunities organise tailor made sports tours with a difference. Our sports tours combine playing sports with impacting volunteer work. This means you and your team mates can play against local opposition in America, Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and Fiji) Africa, Asia or South America while also helping on worthwhile volunteer projects in the local community. And being the sports-mad organisation that we are, these volunteer projects tend to be sports-orientated, such as running coaching sessions in townships or organising sports tournaments in local schools. It’s easy to see why our tours are both challenging and deeply rewarding on many levels.

Check out our sports tours abroad.

Sports Qualifications and Courses
If you fancy taking on a new sport or progressing up your sports career then an instructor course might be for you. This could see you going to the snowy slopes of Canada and training to become a ski or snowboard instructor taking you into some of the worlds most beautiful resorts as you teach others in the mountains. And if you like water then you could spend your summer months in warm ocean waters whilst training in a range of watersports activities. If you like the seasonaire lifestyle then our sports courses and qualifications might be an alternative way or using your time away. 

Check out our sports qualifications and courses abroad.
Sports Summer Camps
Sporting Opportunities organises sports camps for young athletes aged between 12 and 16 who want to improve their skill, ability and mental approach to sport. Our residential camps are based in South Africa and are open to athletes from all over the world. This offers a fantastic cultural experience. And with first class facilities and professional sports coaching, our sports camps are ideal for any aspiring athlete who wants to take their game to the next level.

Check out our sports summer camps abroad.

Sports Training and Playing
Take your game to the next level and work on your fitness conditioning in top locations around the world. We place budding sports men and women in sports clubs and academies overseas. We work with some of the finest instructors there are who give you one to one attention on your own personal player development. These trips are perfect for pre-season training getting you up to a level to hit first team clubs back home whilst giving you the opportunity to discover some amazing countries around the world.

Check out our sports training and playing trips abroad.

Sports Internships and Work Experience
We have a limited number or sports internships and work experience trips abroad which are perfect for giving firsthand insight into various sporting professions overseas. You could see yourself working at a newspaper or TV station as a sports journalist or working as a sports physiotherapist alongside a countries top athletes. We also offer a number of internal sports internships with our charity work that could see you travelling overseas and supporting our work by getting more kids from disadvantaged communities into sport, helping us to improve education, health and build life skills which will help any CV stand out for the average crowd.

Check out our sports internships and work experience trips abroad.
Where Can You Go Away With Sporting Opportunities?
We focus our volunteer projects into developing world countries in Africa, Asia and South America. Each of our destinations is unique in their own right, but they all share the same need for more sporting opportunities at the grassroots end of sport. For more information on our destinations, check out our destinations page and the country information. We also work in popular locations like Australia and North America providing a wide range of alternative sports trip abroad.
When Can You Go Away With Sporting Opportunities?
We have a number of departure dates that vary depending on where you want to go and what you want to do. Simply check the dates listed against each trip you are interested in to see when you can go. And if our published dates don't fit exactly into your travel plans, give one of our Travel Advisors a call – they can often offer you even more flexibility!
Any Questions?
If you have any questions about who we are or what we do, contact one of our Travel Advisors or request a call back. We would love to tell you more about our sporting opportunities abroad.
Volunteer abroad or taking a gap year or career break is a big decision, especially with the amount of time and money you need to invest into it. Therefore, to help set you mind at ease, here are 10 good reasons why you’ll love coming away with us.
Our Focus
Our pride is in our focus. We are not trying to 'conquer the world' by offering hundreds of projects all over the world. Our goal is simply to provide well-structured volunteer projects in a few select destinations. This ensures better management of our projects and greater impact for the community. It also helps us recruit teams of volunteers who can travel and work together, making for a fantastic and truly unforgettable social experience.
"Thank you so much to both the UK team and the in-country team for making my experience so enjoyable"
- Chelcie Chittenden
In-Country Support
Unlike many other organisations, we make sure you are properly looked after during your time away. Our resident in-country staff live near you and are on call 24-hours a day to make sure you are safe, secure and really enjoying your experience abroad.
"The in-country team was superb throughout the whole trip and were always there for everyone, no matter what."
- Dan Cotton
Value for Money
Although you do have to fork out some cash to come away with us (and let’s face it, no-one likes doing that!) you will soon see that we offer great value with no hidden costs. Comprehensive pre-departure advice, excellent in-country support and professionally run activities are just some of the benefits you will receive.
"I am so glad to have gone with you because I have seen what other travel companies do and it’s not all that great!"
- Christian Dorin
Tailor Made Trips
We will give you the flexibility in dates, durations and activities to tailor make the experience you desire. Want to coach and play sport? How about combining a sports and non-sports volunteer project? Or what about extending your trip once you’re in-country? These options are all available, as are many more. Just get in touch to discuss your plans.
"I coached football, played football, taught in schools and even worked in an orphanage! I can’t believe how much I was able to do."
- Tom Baine
Passionate People
We are passionate about sport and fanatical about travel. And you will soon discover this when you talk to our sports-mad staff and meet our other travellers. Come away with us and you will meet lots of like-minded people who share the same passions and interests as you, be it sport, travel or volunteering abroad, many of whom will become friends for life.
"Thanks again for everything and congratulations on being such a great organisation. It’s been a pleasure and honour to be part of your team"
- Charlotte Sadler
Knowledgeable Staff
All our staff are experienced travellers who have taken time out to explore the world. They are also big sports lovers who have been known to swing bats, kick balls and even shoot hoops in their time! So, if you want to find out the 'real deal' about our programmes, speak to one of our Travel Advisors who will be more than happy to answer all your questions about our destinations and activities.
"All the staff were friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable."
- Sarah Kendell
Coaching Experience
If you are an aspiring sports coach, our projects will give you valuable hands-on experience in coaching sports to youth athletes. This looks great on any CV when applying for future coaching jobs. Most of our projects take place at the grassroots end of the game, but there are often opportunities to work with higher level teams. Just ask our in-country teams.
"Everyone was so friendly and made me feel very welcome and part of the club. They are absolutely devoted to the game and there is a real buzz around the place. It was a pleasure to be coaching alongside some top guys and I can only thank the head coach for his complete support."
- Julia Brooks
Social Experience
We are all about the 'team' and are renowned for our unrivalled social experience. Our programmes see groups of sporty people living, working and travelling together. This creates a close family spirit amongst everyone involved, from your fellow travel mates, to our in-country staff, to the friendly locals you meet.
"I met incredible people from all over the world, many of whom I will definitely keep in touch with"
- Jenny Renton
Responsible Travel
We are committed to minimising any negative effect our projects have overseas, whether economic, social or environmental. We therefore ensure money goes directly into local services like food, accommodation, training and local staff. A portion of your fee also goes to our sister charity, United Through Sport, to create more sporting opportunities for children in developing countries.
"It’s great to see so much money going straight into the local community, whether it’s into a small business, a township school or a valuable community project. We are so grateful to have you in South Africa."
- Ludwe Memese, Teacher at Isaac Booi Primary School
Financially Secure
You need to know that your money is safe when you book your trip, especially as you pay the full amount a few weeks before you leave. This is why we protect your money in client accounts and follow strict UK legislation to safeguard your money, ensuring you would be paid back in the unlikely event of our financial failure.
Some of you may be wondering where the money you pay towards your sports placement is actually going. As with any trip overseas, there are many things to consider that incur a cost, all of which are added benefits making the experience as memorable and fulfilling as possible!
Project Assessment
Before you see a sports placement on our website, a lot of background work has gone on. We have met with local organisations, vetted in-country staff, conducted rigorous safety assessments and thoroughly evaluated the benefits of the placement. Only then do you get to see the placement on our website and book or apply for your place, safe in the knowledge that it is a well-structured and great opportunity to gain some sporting experience overseas.
Help Choosing Your Placement
If you are not sure which sports placement or country to choose, our hugely informative Travel Advisors are here to help. They are a friendly bunch, have all travelled extensively, all love sport and can offer lots of advice on choosing the right placement for you. This makes the task of deciding to travel much less intimidating, and far more exciting.
Pre-departure Advice
Once you have booked your placement, you will be assigned a dedicated Travel Advisor to offer essential pre-departure advice on vaccinations, visas, kit lists and more. They will also be on call to answer those important last minute questions like “how many pairs of socks do I need?” and “can I take my mobile phone with me?”
Help with Flights and Insurance
We do not include flights and travel insurance in our placement fee. This avoids us having to pass on unnecessary admin charges to you. It also gives you flexibility to plan any further travel before or after your volunteer placement. We do, however, offer lots of help on this through our leading flights and insurance partners, providing you with an easy booking facility and the best prices around.
Airport Pick-Up
Landing in a foreign country for the first time can be daunting. This is why we ensure our in-country staff are there to meet you on arrival. There’s nothing like seeing a friendly face when you walk out of a new airport. And once we have given you a warm welcome, the in-country staff will take you back to your accommodation where you can meet the people you will be living with.
Arrival Orientation
We will take you through a local orientation and placement induction on arrival. This will introduce you to any useful amenities and local customs, and it will also show you how to stay safe while you are abroad. Our team also have lots of handy travel tips and advice if you are thinking of exploring the country in your spare time.
Accommodation and Food
Accommodation is included in all of our sports placements. Our volunteer houses, family home-stays and shared residences are comfortable and very sociable places to live while overseas. In some destinations, you may be able to upgrade to alternative accommodation. Just contact us for details. We endeavour to supply food on all of our placements, however in some cases this is not always possible. In many cases you will receive at least 1 meal a day, please see the project summary for further details.  
In-Country Staff
Your safety and enjoyment is extremely important to us. That’s why we have dedicated in-country teams to look after you throughout your sports placement. Our staff live nearby, can be reached 24-hours a day and will check-in with you throughout your placement to ensure everything is running smoothly, and you are happy in your new environment.
24-Hour Emergency Support
In addition to our in-country staff, you will benefit from our international support network. You will be given emergency contact details before you leave which you can call in the event of a crisis. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ongoing Volunteer Project Support
For every person who travels with us, we make a donation to support our registered sports charity, United Through Sport. This donation funds future initiatives in many countries around the worlds, and helps to support the local community, ensuring that those living in disadvantaged communities also have opportunities to develop in their chosen sport.
Giving Others the Same Amazing Opportunities
In order to provide a reliable flow of participants on our overseas sports placements, we have to spend a chunk of money on recruiting people like you to take part in these amazing experiences. It costs to maintain a website, an office, phone lines and a team of dedicated Travel Advisors to answer all your questions! 

Who We Are

Changing Worlds is an exciting travel organisation that aims to provide life changing travel experiences for individuals looking to take part in placements overseas during a gap year, career break or as part of a constructive trip abroad.

With placements ranging from career development, internships and work experience, courses and qualifications, paid work options and community volunteering, to fascinating cultural and adventure tours, we provide travel opportunities to suit all interests!

We see travel and adventure as an essential part of career development, playing a key role in building on life and work related skills that will help you to make those crucial career decisions and without doubt benefit your future prospects.

Founded in 1999 and operating in many countries throughout the world, it is safe to say that our placements have stood the test of time! We are a small and focused organisation with the goal of creating life changing experiences through meaningful and productive travel. We believe in broadening your horizons, stepping out of your comfort zone and taking you on an rewarding journey into exciting new cultures.

Changing Worlds was founded with an aim to find some top placements from all over the world and offer people the opportunity to work in a variety of different environments and settings, with the aim of providing them with the appropriate balance of independence and support to facilitate personal growth and development, as well as provide amazing life experiences!

What We Do
We aim to build on your life experiences and help you to develop your own personality, all whilst sharing your time and skills to make a positive impact on those people less fortunate than yourself, or helping to further your own education through our coveted qualifications and courses, or simply improving your future employability and career prospects by placing you in paid work and internship roles. We offer placements in the following types of travel experiences:

Volunteering in disadvantaged communities
Internships and Work Experience in professional work environments
Paid Work roles in specific industries
Courses and Qualifications to improve your skill set and employability
Tours for those who are keen to explore or have an adventure
Summer Camps to assist with the development of children

The Team
Travel is our passion and we want to share this with as many people as possible! Our team has travelled extensively across the world, exploring different countries and building our knowledge of different cultures so that we can give you the best advice possible when planning your trip. Everyone is different and we understand the importance of creating a trip that is personal to you. Just tell us where you want to go and what you want to achieve and we will go the extra mile to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. We have travelled far and wide in search of the best placements available, and we stand by our philosophy that people should Travel with Purpose! Just get in touch today to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members for more information.

All of our trips are tried and tested so that we feel confident in matching one to your skills and interests. Furthermore, we will always try to tailor a trip to your specific needs and create an experience that is well-suited and unique to you. You can be safe in the knowledge that we have amazing in-country support staff that we are in regularly in contact with to ensure the smooth running of each trip. Our friendly, experienced and approachable in-country placement coordinators strive to make you feel comfortable in your new surroundings and will certainly do all that it takes to ensure that you get the very most out of your placement.

Our mission is quite simple.

“To provide our participants with a highly personalised and quality experience, offering the opportunity for personal growth and development whilst living and working overseas.”

Many people see travelling as an opportunity to escape from responsibility; however this is not the case. We see travelling as a prime opportunity to develop as an individual and take part in activities that provide a platform to experience an increased responsibility. Whether that is through gaining a greater understanding of cultures, economies, environments or yourself, those who choose to take part in a meaningful travel experience will come back armed with a greater knowledge and understanding of life, and the tools to help them overcome any hurdles in their future career.

We offer a wide range of meaningful travel opportunities to suit all travelling aspirations and personal interests. Whether you want to take part in some volunteering as part of constructive travel, coaching sports for those that wish to share their knowledge with children from disadvantaged communities or further your education and want to gain first-hand experience in your chosen field and enhance your CV on one of our professional internships.

We have a proven track record within the travel industry having sent thousands of travellers away on life changing trips. We spend time nurturing and developing these trips for your benefit with continued success since 1999. We are a business with charitable aims that provides excellent opportunities to those adventurous travellers who are wanting the challenge of living and working abroad.

We offer:
• A range of safe, well-organised and monitored placements and trips.
• A personalised service, we will take the time to get to know you before you depart, and you will be assigned you own personal Travel Advisor to guide and support you.
• A thorough preparation and extensive pre-departure information pack to help you prepare you for your time overseas.
• Friendly support during your placement, with a 24 hour emergency service.

Changing Worlds was founded in 1999 and supports and follows the code of practice set out by the Year Out Group, to ensure that all Changing Worlds participants have the best experience possible. We are very proud that so many of our participants come to us as a result of recommendations from past volunteers, interns, workers and travellers. Why not ask to be put in touch with somebody who has recently returned from one of our trips overseas?

Our placements will place you in real life situations, and on all placements you will be working with people who genuinely require help and assistance. The individuals and communities that you visit during your placements will be extremely grateful for your time and support.

We have strong, positive relationships with our in-country support staff and representatives, meaning that we are in constant communication with them to ensure we have the most up-to-date information with regards to the placements that we offer. If for any reason something happens in-country that affects your placement we will work tirelessly with our in-country teams to rectify any changes and to make sure you have the best experience possible from your Changing Worlds trip.
We will always go that extra mile to tailor and adapt your trip to your needs, so you tell us what you want to gain from your experience and we'll do all that we can to make that happen. We see flexibility as the key to a truly enjoyable travel experience, so we will go through your expectations and tailor a trip to suit your interests.

For more information just drop us a line on +44 (0)208 123 8702, or visit our contact us page and make an enquiry.

Financing your trip abroad is an important part of making your placement possible. At Changing Worlds we understand this and, as a responsible travel organisation, we feel it is crucial that you are in no doubt that your money is safe and secure. All who travel with Changing Worlds can be safe in the knowledge that your funds are safe and secure prior to travel, as we take every precaution to ensure that your finances are protected. It is important before you book a trip abroad that you find out whether the company you are travelling with has the right financial security in place to ensure that your funds are secure. 

We comply with the Package Travel Regulations Act 1992 to ensure all monies paid to us are protected. This includes safeguarding funds in separate client accounts before departure. We also adhere to the strict codes of conduct and financial guidelines set down by a number of leading travel associations, such as the Year Out Group. In the extremely unlikely event of Changing Worlds failing financially before you depart on your trip, you can be safe in the knowledge that all funds will be returned to you, or transferred to our in-country representative so that your trip can still go ahead.

The trip that you plan to embark on will be the most exciting journey you've ever had and we are thrilled about the prospect of making this possible for you! 
Some people may be questioning where the money that you are paying towards a trip with Changing Worlds actually goes. As with any trip overseas, there are lots of things to consider in order to make all the arrangements necessary for your chosen placement or trip to go ahead, and for us to provide the excellent personalised service that we pride ourselves on.

With all of our placements, the Changing Worlds team has put a lot of background work into making the trip viable and as meaningful and fulfilling as possible - from meeting in-country organisations, vetting in-country staff, conducting safety assessments, and effectively evaluating the benefits for not only you, but for the community you are working in.

Assistance with Choosing Your Trip
It is perfectly natural to be unsure where you should go, or which placement or trip is right for you. That is why we have a friendly team of knowledgeable Travel Advisors on hand to offer all the advice and guidance you need to make the right decision.

Pre-departure Advice
When you have chosen the placement or trip that is right for you, you will be assigned your own personal Travel Advisor, who will be on hand to guide you through the essentials to help you prepare for your overseas adventure.

Help with Flights and Insurance
As flights and insurance are not included in our trips, we offer a simple and comprehensive flight and insurance booking service through our travel partners at STA Travel, so even though this is not part of the package, do not worry as we will guide you through this important process.

Arrival In-country
On arrival in your chosen destination country, it may be a little bit daunting and this is why we ensure a member of our in-country team will be there to meet you. You will be collected at the airport arrivals gate and taken to your accommodation, where you will receive a warm welcome. Within the first few days of your trip you will receive comprehensive local orientation to get you used to your new surroundings, show you how to access any useful amenities and introduce you to some local customs, helping to ensure your safety and security whilst overseas.

Accommodation and Food
Accommodation is something we deem to be an essential part of any structured placement or trip, and this is why accommodation is included in all of our trips. We also endeavour to provide you with adequate food whilst on your placement, trip or tour; however, sometimes it is not always possible due to the structure of the trip, so be sure to check the Project Summary of each trip so you know what to expect.

In-country Support
Changing Worlds has dedicated in-country support teams available on all of our placements, trips and tours. Your safety and overall enjoyment is paramount, so our staff live close to your accommodation, will be available 24 hours a day and will be your regular contact to make sure everything is running smoothly.

24-hour UK Support
Changing Worlds travellers also benefit from our international support network. Before you travel you will be provided with an emergency telephone number which is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case of an emergency.

Volunteer Project Support
Much of the work we do overseas is to support local organisations by sending volunteers to aid the local initiatives and charity schemes that benefit the local community. For those of you embarking on a volunteer placement overseas, Changing Worlds makes a donation to help support community development in the region.

Amazing Travel Experiences
It is vital for the development and sustainability of our placements, trips and tours that Changing Worlds is able to provide a reliable flow of participants. We therefore have to spend a portion of your few on recruiting more people eager to travel and see the world. Costs go towards the website maintenance, our office, phone lines, marketing, and our dedicated team of Travel Advisors.






  • "I've had the best few weeks of my life. The kids loved learning volleyball and in turn I loved every bit of my experience!"
    James Taylor , Volleyball, Ghana
  • "Coaching Rugby out here has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life. Met some awesome people and really enjoyed the country. Really kind host family made me feel v-welcome. Would definitely like to come back one day!"
    Tim Wace , Rugby Union, Argentina
  • "Taking my love of tennis to Argentina was a dream come true. I will never forget this once in a life time opportunity to play and coach tennis to a range of abilities in such a great country. Thanks to all who were part of this".
    Ceri Newman , Tennis, Argentina
  • "The sports tour that Sporting Opportunities arranged for us was perfect. South Africa was a great country and having the mix of playing against locals as well as coaching sport to kids in the townships was a nice balance. Doing two weeks in South Africa has made a number of us want to come back for a longer stint on one of your 5 week volunteer coaching projects so look out for us. Thanks to all involved".
    Dan Long: Football Captain , Volleyball, South Africa
  • "Taking the girls on this two week hockey tour was excellent. It was the first time that any of us had been to South Africa and the team made us feel extremely welcome and comfortable. You pack so much into such a short period which totally tired us out but apart from being great fun will be a fond memory for years to come. We'll certainly be looking at coming away with you again".
    Sarah Jackson: PE Teacher , Volleyball, South Africa
  • "A well organised trip with a difference. Combining playing and coaching as well as all the cultural things you put on for us was a great idea. To even get to a Springboks Rugby game was a special treat for the lads on this tour so thanks for going the extra mile to make this happen for us".
    Geoff Fagence: Rugby Coach , Volleyball, South Africa
  • "Seeing the kids in week one be so fearful of the water to seeing them confidently swim after my 5 weeks in South Africa has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Thank you to everyone involved."
    Caroline Rudge , Swimming, South Africa
  • "I never thought I could take my love of football and coach it to kids in the Caribbean so this has been an experience I will never forget. Totally amazing."
    Scott Black , Football, St Lucia
  • "I've always wanted to travel to the Caribbean, so getting the chance to coach cricket and travel at the same time was perfect!"
    Manish Patel , Cricket, St Lucia
  • "What a great 4 weeks I had in St Lucia on the cricket coaching project organised by Sporting Opportunities. I've made friends for life and will never forget the fun times I had."
    Tom Webb , Cricket, St Lucia
  • "Best thing about the course - meeting so many like minded people, many of whom will be friends for life and getting to snowboard for 11 weeks without a care in the world!"
    David Turner , Skiing, Canada
  • "Every single detail about the ski instructor course exceeded my expectations by a mile and has totally changed my life! The only drawback of the whole 11 weeks is that I’ve become one serious powder junkie."
    Baibre Lacey , Skiing, Canada
  • "The best thing about course - Everything!! Fernie! The whole organisation of the course was great, and a really welcoming atmosphere."
    Gemma Soloman , Skiing, Canada
  • "I loved how instantly everyone acted as a big family and everybody looked out for one another, we ate together, we rode together, we celebrate together and we partied together!"
    Jason Ionotton , Skiing, Canada
  • "The rugby training season in South Africa was a great way of keeping up my fitness, ready to hit the University teams back home."
    Alex Carlton-Porter , Rugby Union, South Africa
  • "You get a first class level of attention on this rugby season trip, helping you develop into a solid player. Having Cape Town as your city backdrop is also an experience not to be missed."
    Nick Abendanon , Rugby Union, South Africa
  • "Spending 6 months in Cape Town was awesome. Such a great city and my hockey playing has improved 10 fold".
    Sarah Grey , Hockey, South Africa
  • "Playing at the hockey club was just what I needed to improve my game to a level where I could feel confident in trialing for the 1st team university hockey squad."
    James Harvey , Hockey, South Africa
  • "The experience of playing with the other team members from across the world was fantastic."
    Jonathon Hancock , Cricket, South Africa
  • "Top quality experience and brilliant to take my love of thai boxing to it's origin and train with some truly great masters."
    Tom Chalmers , Boxing, Thailand
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